CV… How hard can it be?

As I’ve had the honor of running the course “Career Skills for Scientists” this year, I’ve been confronted again with the myriad of mixed messages out there when it comes to writing CVs, and the confusion it brings to all who need to write one. Especially A-type academics like us. (See: “What do you mean? There is no absolutely objectively correct answer?”). Here are some thoughts I needed to get of my chest…… Read More CV… How hard can it be?

May the climate be with you: Getting starstruck on the Global Climate Strike

Today, Friday the 15th of March, the school strikes for climate take on a bigger shape, with a global strike for young and old. Over 100 countries are having registered strikes, protests and/or marches. I was there on the one in Stockholm, and here’s how it’s going! Almost exactly 2 years ago I wrote my… Read More May the climate be with you: Getting starstruck on the Global Climate Strike

The podcast blog

Ever considered making a podcast, but need some help getting started? The KI career bloggers recently had a blog workshop on making podcasts, and we’d like to share both tips and results with you! Or maybe making sound-stuff is nothing for you, but you’d like to get to know a bit more about blogging for the KI career service blog? Well, lucky you, because that just happens to be the topic of our podcast episode!… Read More The podcast blog

Applying for PhD defense at Karolinska Institutet

So you are nearing the end of your PhD at KI, and need to start planning and applying for defense. Maybe you are in a group that has done this process 50 times, in which case you might not need this help. However, when I found myself at the time that I needed to apply for defense, I realized I am the first PhD student in my group, and so navigating the application process included a bit of “figuring things out”. Some things are clear and well documented, others are rather mysterious. None of it is hard, but around this period we are usually freaking out, so even small hurdles can cause stress, and it’s really not needed when someone can just tell you how it works. Now that all the application stuff is over, I’ve had multiple fellow-PhD-defenders contact me to clarify things. So, I figured there are probably more of us out there, freaking out about the ins and outs of the application process, and I decided it could be useful to write a guide based on my own experience. Additionally, I’ve also been a student representative in the dissertation committee (the ones you send your application to), and I think it will be helpful for both you and the committee if you have an idea of how it all works. So, here we go!… Read More Applying for PhD defense at Karolinska Institutet