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Ever considered making a podcast, but need some help getting started? The KI career bloggers recently had a blog workshop on making podcasts, and we’d like to share both tips and results with you! Or maybe making sound-stuff is nothing for you, but you’d like to get to know a bit more about blogging for the KI career service blog? Well, lucky you, because that just happens to be the topic of our podcast episode!

The setup was that a couple of the bloggers present at the workshop interviewed each other on being a blogger, and then made our own versions of the interview. So buckle up, here are the results!


How to podcast
One of the interview versions turned into a tips-and-tricks-for-beginner-podcasters episode, as that was the topic of the workshop (not the interview though!). So, want to know what to look out for when recording, or how to go about interviewing someone for a podcast? Check out Ayla’s episode!

As you will hear, you will get no clue of what the interview actually said, as answers are cut up to illustrate the podcast-making-tips (oh, what a power one has over the message just by editing choices!)


Being a blogger at the KI career service blog
If you actually do want to know what was said in the interview, there are two editing versions that satisfy your curiosity! When did we start blogging? How much work is it? What has it given us in return? Listen to the answers in the episodes made by Irina and Joanne(and check the difference between the two versions, what did each decide to keep or cut? Power of The Edit!)


If after this you’re interested in joining us, be it for writing a blog post or making a podcast episode, just contact us! We’ve got both equipment and professional coaching!

See you!

Pictures taken on the workshop, by Victoria Rosander


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