Food? Restrictions!

Day 7 in our ChristmasCalendar2019!
Food: NO food for the Body

Here we go again. It’s been a year now since I wrote a blog on my food restrictions for last year’s Christmas calendar, and that year the theme wasn’t even food! Now that the theme is food, it feels even more needed to put in a small I’m-thinking-about-you to all of us who get a bit (or a lot!) stressed about the idea of eating out, or eating over at friends and family, because of special food management needs.

I can tell you, I have not gotten over the whole I-need-special-treatment sadness of needing to regulate my food, not in any way. I’ve tried a couple of times to call restaurants in advance, and even in Sweden, where they are very accommodating, this can be hard.  I spent a couple of months testing which food sources I react to (see last year’s post) but then life took over before I managed to get through the lot. I defended my PhD, went on holiday, started a new job,… And it was just too much to keep up with the super strictness. So I had to stop the testing, and go to a more normal eat-what-you-think-is-ok-but-it’s-fine-to-mess-up-sometimes setting. Again, I’m lucky that this isn’t an allergy, and if that is you: I take my hat off to the trouble you go through. Eating stuff I shouldn’t just hurts, which is something I like to avoid, but can happily live with if it means I can join my friends for dinner, or please my family by eating the food they prepared. 

However, after a particularly bad few weeks where I ate differently to accommodate guests who were visiting Stockholm, it got so bad that I decided I needed to start from scratch again, and continue testing the things I didn’t get around to last time. Like chickpeas (i don’t have good hopes for you guys!). As it’s clear that this is not a short term issues, I’m meeting up with a dietician to help me out, and balance my priorities. How do you pick between values like trying to avoid packaging, eating vegan or at least vegetarian, eating local, etc etc. and still not feeling like you want to throw up every evening? Things get increasingly complicated the more things you decide to care about!

Anyway, enough about me. As I said, I just wanted to throw in a word for all of us to whom food is a source of stress at times, and it is still relevant to end with the same thing I said last year:

“… try to be kind to others and yourself, I’ll try to do the same!”


Feature image: Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay


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