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Career Service

Under “KI Career Service/Admin” you will find  Anethe Mansén and Ayla De Paepe blogging. We also manage the “Guest Blog” account where we invite people to blog for us on certain topics related to career and research.

Current bloggers:

Ana Amaral
Ana Oliveira
Irina Jovel-Dalmau
Isabel Hofman
Iva Filipovic
Joanne Bakker
Katharina Herzog
Kelvin Kwok
Laura Crucianelli
Marie Chanel
Marion Humbert
Monica Persson
Natassia Robinson
Oksana Goroshchuk
Paula da Silva
Richelle Duque Björvang
Rossana Pettersen
Shady Kamal
Tatiana Alvarez Giovannucci
Yildiz Kelahmetoglu

Alumni bloggers:

Benjamin Libberton
Caitrin Crudden
Chiara Sorini 
Dagmara Kaczynska
David Lassiter
Diana Mussgens
Dominika Seblova
Dudi Warsito
Elzbieta Kostrzewa
Evangelia Daskalakis
Fabricio Espinosa
Federica Santoro
Fei Yang
Indira Chivukula
Iuliia Savchuk
Jessica Norberg
Katy Lloyd
Kaveh Moazemi
Leonidas Lundell
Lizan Kawa
Margarita Bartish
Marian Papp
Mathew Tata
Nina Jensen
Nuno Amaral
Parvin Kumar
Pingling Zeng
Ruiqing Ni
Sofia Stenler
Ulrika Löfkvist
Xu Chen
Yongtao Xue-Franzén
Yossa Dwi Hartono

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  1. […] The most common argument scientists give when asked why they are so elusive online is because of lack of time. Yes, time is a very precious commodity for scientists. Scientists need to conduct experiments, be updated about the latest research, write articles, apply for grants, supervise students, attend conferences, prepare talks etc. We do a lot of things besides the experiments. But just like in research, maintaining an online presence and be available for the public can be a team effort too. The workload can be shared by several scientists. Just like the blog you are reading now is not maintained by one scientist, but by 16 of us. […]

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