When I grow up, I’ll be a… patent attorney

Do you have a knack for technology and love to argue a point? Then a career in patent law might be just the thing for you. In this second career portrait of the series “When I grow up, I’ll be a…”, KI alumna Joanna Applequist tells us what it takes to be a patent attorney, and how she went from lab bench to law books.… Read More When I grow up, I’ll be a… patent attorney

Why We Network

Guest blog by Andrew Hennigan. Andrew Hennigan is a lecturer, freelance journalist and speaker coach based in Stockholm who teaches networking and influencing workshops for companies, business schools and universities. He is also author of the book “Payforward Networking” based on his business school courses and writes regularly about networking and influencing techniques.  Everyone says… Read More Why We Network

“A PhD is like having a private chauffeur……”

Guestblog written by Pingling Zeng Juhana Heinonen is currently a global marketing director at AstraZeneca based in Cambridge UK.  He builds strategies that lead to global commercialization of new medicines. He works with colleagues from different parts of the world to understand specific market needs or problems and to give recommendations on how to address… Read More “A PhD is like having a private chauffeur……”