Ways in which academia resembles a drug-gang

The working conditions of young researchers in the first few years of their academic career are surprisingly similar to the working conditions of low-rank drug-gang members. This provocative conclusion can be drawn from the blog post which I came across recently, although it was published in 2013 by Alexandre Afonso, Lecturer in Comparative Politics in the… Read More Ways in which academia resembles a drug-gang

Art in the LIME light

Since a few months I’ve been working as a research assistant at the Department for Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). LIME is a place where cultures clash and where informaticians, managers, educators, communicators, illustrators, engineers, entrepreneurs, nurses, physicians, designers… and public health specialists work together to improve healthcare. A lot of interesting and fun… Read More Art in the LIME light

Systemic flaws in biomedical research?

In March an interesting paper by 4 prominent scientists was published in PNAS (http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2014/04/09/1404402111.full.pdf+html). In this paper, they discuss the flaws in the system of biomedical research in the US. I believe, however, that the paper describes the struggles and frustration of scientist in Europe as well. I think that it is important for all… Read More Systemic flaws in biomedical research?

Birdsview of Stockholm – and for more research energy..

Today I was at a wonderful viewpoint in one of the many recreational areas around Stockholm, it is called Paradiset (Paradise!) in southern Stockholm (near Ådran) more about all the naturreserves and recreational areas here (use Google translate) There is many wonderful trails in the same area (picture above) as the viewpoint. Great for trail… Read More Birdsview of Stockholm – and for more research energy..