Ways in which academia resembles a drug-gang

The working conditions of young researchers in the first few years of their academic career are surprisingly similar to the working conditions of low-rank drug-gang members. This provocative conclusion can be drawn from the blog post which I came across recently, although it was published in 2013 by Alexandre Afonso, Lecturer in Comparative Politics in the… Read More Ways in which academia resembles a drug-gang

The Think Train Trip

While everybody was on holiday these days, I crossed paths with an interesting group of people that was on a different kind of journey… This group of young travellers came together from different countries (Sweden, Netherlands, England) – hungry for adventure, thirsty for knowledge, and their baggage full of different kinds of backgrounds and experiences –… Read More The Think Train Trip

Art in the LIME light

Since a few months I’ve been working as a research assistant at the Department for Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). LIME is a place where cultures clash and where informaticians, managers, educators, communicators, illustrators, engineers, entrepreneurs, nurses, physicians, designers… and public health specialists work together to improve healthcare. A lot of interesting and fun… Read More Art in the LIME light