1st of December in a life of a scientists: glittery earrings and glögg

I woke up, smelling snow and Christmas. Yes, advent is here! Finally! With Julkalendern playing in the background, and while sipping my morning coffee, I ogled over my earring collection. And then I found them – my Christmas themed earrings. Now I was ready to start my usual PhD day.img_7481

First December was noticeable all around me. Students, who I am currently mentoring, walked into the office and I glimpsed a little golden reflection. What was that? Oh, little Christmas earrings. My pride as a mentor was immense! In two weeks of mentoring, I have had impact on my students. I hope also science-wise, but at least earring-choices-wise.

Continuing through the day, I ran in between buildings for seminars, wrote reports and work on poster with my students. Nearly like on any other day, except my constant snacking on  pepparkakor. They are Swedish gingerbread cookies, that are ever present  at every table during the Christmas period.


As we sometimes long for the end of the work day, I longed for darkness to come. Maybe you think I am crazy, don´t I have enough of darkness in Sweden already? Obviously no, because with darkness one can fully appreciate the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations that we have in the office.

Inspired by the decorations, I was ready to network, like a proper researcher at the Science for Life weekly pub. As soon as I walked in the room, my nose buds were hit by a pleasant aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, and many others. Glögg! The Swedish hit mulled wine was being served. Immediately I knew the mingle will be success. Talking science, while sipping glögg, just warms my heart. And this is how a first December in life of a PhD student can look.

How do you celebrate Advent and Christmas in your office? Share your experiences or picture with us. The more the merrier.


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