Researcher’s Advent Calendar


We, researchers like to count (down)

in December we wear a (Nobel dinners) gown

Eagerly we await Christmas eve

while grants we try to receive

We, bloggers like to share

hence Researcher’s Advent we prepare

And until the Christmas day arrives

We share advent mood in researcher’s lives

In Sweden, there is a strong tradition of watching a Christmas TV show, Julkalender, during the advent period. Inspired by this the KI Career Bloggers team has decided to create a Researcher’s Advent Calendar for you! We hope to entertain you and make the time until Christmas day pass quicker by sharing our science Christmas tree decorations, explain the science of baking, and many other exciting posts.

Follow our blog during December and even after.

Apparently, we are not the only ones linking science, research and advent. In my field, a charity called Alzheimer’s Research UK has also decided to use Christmas for promoting research on this disease and created a Christmas advert about Santa with dementia. If you came across cool Christmas-science pictures, videos, or sites feel free to share them with us during this month!


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