All good things are 3

The 3rd of December we would like to acknowledge this number as it suits us very well! We, the Career Service team, are 3 dedicated co-workers constantly working to improve the career services we offer our 3 target groups at Karolinska Institutet – students, PhD students and researchers.

One thing that helps us clear our minds and put our creativity in spin is physical exercise. If you haven’t thought about a training calendar yet, this is what we would like to inspire you to do!

Use the date in the calendar as an inspirational figure to run 3 kilometers, do 3x10 situps, 3x10 push-ups and 3x10 squats. If time is limited walk 3 flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator…

If the challenge to increase the exercise based on the date is too big, we challenge you to at least to complete 3 training sessions with colleagues and friends before Dec 24.

Our mission is 3-fold: to develop career services, to enhance your future career prospects, and finally to inspire to a healthy life. Good things come in sets of 3 (…like Emma, Kerstin and Anethe, right?)! 😉

Thanks Nika, our own blog photographer!

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