Vacation contemplations – time to go ”home”

It is now already mid-April and most people have already started their planning for their summer vacation. Planning for summer vacation is a new thing for me since I’ve never had a real long vacation that I needed to plan for. As a PhD student at Karolinska Institutet I have the right to take 4 weeks of vacation each year. However at most, I’ve only taken two consecutive weeks off from work and most of the times it has been in conjunction with an international conference or course that I’ve attended. The reason for this? Well because I’m literarily a workaholic…..and the flight tickets were free of charge :-). So why not take the opportunity to take some days off after a few days of intense science discussions?

This year however will be a bit different because I am not attending any conferences or courses abroad and this is my final year as a PhD student. So I was thinking to travel to a special place.  This place is called Nanchang. Nanchang is the capital city of the Jiangxi province in southeast China and probably not a city that you might think off when you hear China. The reason for this place being special is because it is the city I was born in. I’m not ethnically Chinese, but I lived in Nanchang for two years before coming to Sweden and I have never been back since then. As you can imagine it would be a fantastic experience to go back for a few days.

So now to the question, what to do there? There is actually only one place in the Jiangxi province that I know about and that I absolutely have to visit if I decide to go there, and that place is mount Lu (Lushan). Mount Lu is a 25 km long mountain that reaches 1.4 km above sea level and is one of the most famous mountains in China. It is part of Lushan National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 96). What I’ve read is that Mount Lu has become a really attractive place for tourists and many hotels have popped up around the area. Hopefully mount Lu is still a nice place to visit despite all the tourists.

If anyone of you readers has been to Nanchang/Jiangxi province, please write to me and suggest some places I should visit.

Mount Lu Dragon Head Cliff
Mount Lu

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