How to tame that THUNDEROUS tummy!

Its Monday. And Mondays suck. The debaucheries of the weekend are now haunting you in the form of mental and physical exhaustion. Coming back to work didn’t help and now that you have plopped down on your sofa/bed after the long workday, that little beer belly is peering out from under your t-shirt for the world to see…a reminder of your PhD-induced deterioration in health and fitness.


When suddenly, a thunderous ROAR erupts from your unfed stomach. “FEED ME!” it says in an unintelligible, yet clear manner. In an attempt to quiet your most needy organ, you suggest heating up a frozen pizza. Your stomach angrily responds: “AGAIN?!” But what to do???? Poor, hungry and exhausted…you are experiencing the perfect trifecta to set you on the brink of revolution.


To you, I say: ‘Save the bloodshed for another day – for today you are cooking’. And it’s going to be quick, cheap and relatively healthy. Introducing…Milind’s Fiesta Chicken Recipe.

Pre-heat oven to 200degC.


Cut chicken breasts in half length-wise to yield 4 pieces. Place in a lightly-greased baking dish.



Rub both sides of chicken with taco seasoning. Should only take a fraction of the packet.


Pour a bottle of salsa over it



Heat in oven for 15-20minutes


Sprinkle cheese over everything and heat for another 5 minutes


Serve with sour cream (optional), rice (bread if you are feeling extra lazy) and some veggies.


BOOM. Dinner served – take that stomach.

I love cooking, but fully acknowledge that the weekday is no time to test the boundaries of my culinary abilities. We all have our own personal arsenal of quick/cheap recipes – be it Pasta Bolognese or meatballs with potatoes. This is one of mine. Give it a shot and please share your weekday recipes so PhD students worldwide can benefit from your scrumptious wisdom! Enjoy!

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