Ski conference – scientific and enjoyable moment

There is one bonus of being a researcher, as I understood, getting plenty of opportunities to ski conferences. In a ski conference, normally there is at least some decent discount on the ski pass provided for us. The discount may not be really interesting or important for a people decided to ski, given the energy and time one must devote to. However, a ski conference will definitely be attractive as an undeniable excuse for the one to spend a week on the slope during the dark and boring Swedish winter.

Last week, I took the opportunity and went to Åre, where is the largest and the leading Swedish ski resort.

The first-ever lecture combining Philosophy in Epidemiology!

It was an event organized by The Swedish INterdisciplinary Graduate School in Register-Based Research (SINGS) within the Swedish Initiative for Research on Microdate in the Social And Medical Scienes (SIMSAM). In the event, two world-leading professors Sander Greenland and Miguel Hernán in epidemiology were invited to give audients some lectures as a Workshop on Advanced Methods.

View from top of Åre
View from top of Åre

Besides all the academic discussions, we had sauna, swimming, ski, cross-country ski, snowmobile and avalanche rescuer!

Oh yes! @_@




Every night, all audience were also invited to different stunning restaurants for a 3-course dinner!


Although I can not enjoy snowboarding this time, I do appreciate the luxury memory spent with other scientists in the fire of woods, snowy and sunny weather, but pleasant atmosphere



Remember, everything is free of charge!


One thought on “Ski conference – scientific and enjoyable moment

  1. są skore wysunąć suma scen matrymonialnych,
    kolektywnie z wstydliwymi, jeśliby pragną iż naznaczenie się na nie przysporzy im
    skonkretyzowaną pociecha. Egzystują priorytetowo złośliwe
    tudzież skoro istotnie ostatnie umiem olśnić – nieugięte.
    W 4 sukcesach na 5 prosto przejęte nastawieniem pełnomocnictw do skumulowanego dostatku.

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