Highlights of the year 2018

As always when trying to sum up a year of career activities we reach the point of – which ones should we choose? For this blog post we decided to use the mindset ‘’the more the merrier’’ instead of the approach ‘’kill your darlings’’. There is no common thread here, other than the chronological order, but we hope you want to stay with us for a couple of minutes anyway!

Career Service started off the year by being nominated as one of the top career development centers within Euroaxess, and got invited to a 3 days’ workshop in Israel with another 13 European organizations in higher education. Sharing experiences and learn from each other is one of the fun parts of working at KI Career Service!


One of our top highlights in the beginning of every year is to kick off the annual doctoral course ‘’Career skills for scientists’’. Why? The personal benefit of meeting 40 highly motivated PhD students; ready to explore their career options and learn about networking, CV writing, interview training, career planning and entrepreneurial thinking.

On Valentine’s Day when giving a presentation in Eindhoven about KI Career Service, we took the opportunity to do some qualitative research and collected data on the 7 reasons to love Career Service. Thank you guys for all your input!

Delivering career services on-line is the way to go, and meet the needs from our students and researchers. Our collaboration with GoMonday where you can get a free review of your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile resulted in 5 campaigns during 2018. There will be new opportunities to have your CV reviewed during 2019.

The flagship of KI Career Service, diversifying us from the rest, is our well established internship programs for PhD students and postdocs/researchers. During 2018 we got the possibility to extend the internship period in one of our programs, from two to three months. This was thankfully received by both our postdocs/researcher and the organizations taking part in the program. We will continue offering internship positions during 2019.

Thanks to the internship programs we constantly create new collaborations with organizations within health and life sciences. The real reason we successfully manage to recruit companies and organizations is because of all our participants performing great internship projects, giving the program a fantastic reputation and sustainability. Read the blogs by some of the PhD students who performed an internship; Goncalo Brito , Ayla de Paepe and Guilia Gaudenzi.

In June Career Service attended ISEW, International Staff Exchange Week, in Helsinki to share best practice with other career centers in the Nordics. With inspiration by how science is communicated in poster sessions we elaborated on the letter C to contribute in our first poster session with the themes; Connect and Collaborate, Communicating Careers and Create Career Choices. A fun way to conclude 10 years of work!

ISEW Hillevi Emma Anethe

Collaboration and networking is what built the body of KI Career Service and is a constant highlight! Before summer, by joint forces with HR and the communication department – we launched the KI career portal. Check it out!

Creating career possibilities is something we have in our minds every day and this year we got the opportunity to announce two event coordinator positions (part time) to the career service office. We received nothing but great applications and in August we welcomed bachelor student Tina Sayari and PhD student Nadilly Bonegas to the team. With their commitment and great efforts we have been able to organize some additional events during the fall while waiting for our new colleague Victoria Rosander to get onboard. Yay!

We also had the possibility to try a new concept with two of our consultants working in career coaching and recruitment. Anna Rennermalm and Tina Persson delivered a three part interview training in which they performed a role play of do´s and don’ts during an interview. A humoristic approach with engaged group discussions involved.


To develop and offer innovative career support is of course on our agenda, but you don’t need to invent the wheel all over again. We keep the winning concepts such as the workshops on grant writing and oral presentations with Angelika Hofmann, scientific writer from Yale University. Also this year, in the first week of December she spent three days delivering her knowledge and hands on practice to our PhD students and researchers. (Bild på vinnarna)

This could easily turn out to be a never ending story, so we realize we need to stop writing now…however there is one final highlight, spread out over the whole year that we want to mention – the positive feedback from all of you!

Your constant cheering on us – to do our utmost job is what makes us happy in the office every day. We wish you a Merry Christmas and encourage you to take some time off for relaxation and to load your batteries for new career events in 2019!

All the best,

Anethe, Kerstin and Victoria



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