If you are a student, researcher or employee at KI we have a message for you

Idea y planificación (Mood: Innovative)

We at KI Innovations want to inspire and support you about opportunities that go beyond work within public sector, research or industry. Namely, in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Maybe you don’t identify yourself as a classic entrepreneur, or you think entrepreneurship seem hard. However, we at KI Innovations are here to help you.

For inspiration: KI Innovations organize activities and events. During fall 2018 we organized a series of seminars called InnovatiOnsdag where we invited inspiring speakers related to innovation and entrepreneurship. For example, a former KI student shared his entrepreneurial journey, VentureCup had a workshop about how to pitch an idea as well as a former researcher working as a patent attorney talked about what you need to know about patents and Intellectual property. To get inspired, check out activities for future by visiting our webpage or follow us on LinkedIn.

For support: During your studies or research here at KI, you might have identified a problem related to science or healthcare that you don’t want to bring to us because you think it is not good enough or ready. Don’t worry we are here to guide and help you. We can help you verify the potential of your idea reaching the market. You do not need a business plan, a team or a prototype. What we are looking for is your drive. All our support is confidential and free of charge.  Take the first step and book a meeting with us today, through our webpage or contact us at info@karolinskainnovations.ki.se today.

We want to make sure that all good ideas at Karolinska Institutet get the chance to transform into products and services that can benefit society, and therefore we need you.

Merry Christmas from


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