Food trip around KI – 4 places to grab your lunch!

Where to eat at KI campus Solna?
Where to eat on KI campus Solna?

PhD student runs not only on data and love of science – he or she needs to eat something from time to time. Usually I have my own lunch with me so our departmental lunchroom with its microwaves and ovens is completely enough. But when I’m too lazy to cook there are always other options. Today I want to take you on a small food tour around KI campus. So buckle up and we’re going to place number 1!

1. Jöns Jacob, Berzelius väg 9

Jöns Jacob is the biggest restaurant and café located in the middle of Solna KI campus. Café part offers light meals such as focaccia, lasagna, some salads, sandwiches and other snacks or drinks. These options saved me few times in the afternoons when I was starving. During lunch time (11:00-14:00) restaurant part offers five options: two meat-based dishes, one vegetarian, some pasta and soup. You can also have bread and salad with your lunch. To check out weekly menu click here: MENU.

Jons Jacob inside and small sample of vegetarian spring rolls.
Jöns Jacob inside and small sample of vegetarian spring rolls.

When you choose take away option – you pay 68 SEK. It’s not bad, but I’m used to much lower prices for student food. Well, but it’s Sweden, I know.. Food is usually ok but that’s it – nothing special. Portions are enough if you’re not super hungry. And be careful because during lunchtime it’s usually pretty crowded.

2. Mollan Asian Kök, Nobels Väg 10

Second on our list is that Asian restaurant. It’s much smaller then Jöns Jacob but it offers Asian buffet. That’s really good option when you’re super-hungry. You pay 80 SEK or 75 SEK for take away and you eat as much as you want. You can choose between six warm dishes – always including some vegetarian options. Salads are also included. If you want to check out what’s today in menu, click here: MENU 

Mollan Asian Kök - not really hashtag foodporn, but it's ok ;)
Mollan Asian Kök – not really hashtag foodporn, but it’s ok 😉

There are better Asian restaurants but given its location on campus and price it’s not too bad. Food is usually testy but maybe bit too oily.

3. Subway, Solnavägen 8

Well, probably you have heard about Subway before – it’s popular fast food franchise. Choice is limited to sandwiches and salads, but at least ingredients seem to be fresh. Options in regular menu ranges from around 50 SEK to more less 80 SEK. It’s good alternative when you’re not too hungry. Check out their website for more details.

Subway from outside. Inside only sandwiches.
Subway from outside. Inside only sandwiches.

4. Liin Wok House, Hagaesplanaden 50

That’s relatively new place on food map. It’s not really located within campus, but it’s around 5-10 minutes walking distance from KI. And I can really recommend that place! It’s the most expensive place from my list (99 SEK for lunch buffet), but you have huge choice: 12 warm dishes, 18 fresh ingredients for wok cooking, 6 for teppanyaki, sushi buffet, salads, bread, drinks and if you still feel like eating – fruits and deserts. That’s a lot… Click here if you want to know what’s exactly in menu for each day: MENU.
Food is really testy and not too spicy. Sorry that I didn’t included any pictures from that place, but basically I was too busy eating 😉


Thank you for keeping me company on this small food trip. Let me know which one is your favorite place to eat at KI. Maybe you have some better alternatives ;)?

8 thoughts on “Food trip around KI – 4 places to grab your lunch!

      1. Cool infographic!! I would also add to the list Hjulet (on the other side of the street from the library) and Curbside (the food truck by MF). Curbside has great pulled-pork burgers and a discount for students (as does subway).

  1. Great! Also add SMI, hjulet, the cafeteria at the Science Park, and the little burger/kebab place maybe 🙂

  2. Restaurant ‘Karolina’ at the hospital side is my favorite – great variety, all-you-can-eat buffet, coffee and salad included and only 72sek (even less if you get their card).

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