Work, play and a lot of writing

Long time no write and this time I can actually say it’s because I haven’t had time. If working during academic summers are comparable in speed to The Seventh Seal, autumn term is more like Fast and the Furious 6, had it actually been an entertaining movie.

Courses have started, including a great course on ‘Neurodevelopmental Disorders and early human brain development’ which took me back to my psychology routes. This week I am taking ‘Epidemiology 1’ ,which is funny seeing as it is my first ever course in epi, despite having been employed at the Department for Epidemiology and Biostatistics since January, so well needed.

Course work does take up some time, but my own studies are demanding attention as well. After months and months of programming and analyzing twin data, I am finally about to start writing up my first project. This really has a kind of light at the end of the tunnel feeling … In addition, I am also working on a review article, which I will definitely blog about once done, and lastly I decided to learn how to do quality control on molecular genetic data, so here’s to learning PLINK, a new statistical software!

It’s not all work though – I am not sure what it’s like at other departments at KI but at MEB ,where I work, they are very fond of organising Department Days, PhD days, team dinners, boule tournaments, photo exhibitions, lunch time running… you get the idea. I cherry picked a few photos from the Phd day and the MEB day… Guess what we got up to?

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