Here I am Stockholm! What’s next?

My name is Kelvin and I am excited to become a new blogger for the KI Researcher and Careers blog.

I am from Hong Kong, a vibrant city that swings between sub-tropical and temperate climate. It enjoys too much plenty of sunlight, pouring refreshing rainfalls, and occasional typhoon stormings visits. It was therefore a big decision for me to pursue a Postdoc in Stockholm, which is around 8162 kilometers away from Hong Kong. After all, moving to the dark land of snow – a common stereotype of Nordic countries – requires immense courage from a subtropical person.

As I arrived in Stockholm two years ago in September, I was warmly welcomed by the approaching darkness, and then without disappointment, the overwhelming snow.

Just another short walk to the bus station in a winter morning

But thanks to the tender touch of the snowflakes and subzero temperatures, I learned to appreciate summer like I never did before. Going into the nature for a peaceful walk and be surrounded by joyful blossoms have now become my favourite part of the Nordic summer.

Can you believe this is the same city?

At KI, I work as a postdoc fellow in the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BIONUT) in Flemingsberg. I am interested in the development of obesity, and how insulin response is regulated in obese human adipose tissue. In this excessively oily tissue (yes, trust me they are), I specifically hunt for interesting non-coding elements in the genome, including enhancers and long non-coding RNAs. Hopefully, I will be able to tell you in the near future how these previously neglected players rock the party of obesity.

Why do I want to blog?
Well, although doing experiments is fun, I find it especially fulfilling when communicating ideas, be it in a seminar, at a conference, or even over a conversation in the lunch room. And most important of all, I love writing. It allows me to organize my thoughts and convey concise messages, and when I do, I often discover new perspectives. In addition, I want to share my personal experience as a researcher, and how I got there. 

What will you find here?
It will be a mixture of everything – latest medical breakthroughs, fascinating science in biology and beyond, and my personal reflections on my path in academia.

So, please stay tuned and see you soon!

p.s. Stockholm summer with berries and cherries!

All photos taken by me

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