Shades of Christmas

Christmas tree background v2

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Maybe you have been trying to avoid it until now. Maybe you got the first hints that it was coming already in early October, but you chose to ignore it. Or maybe you have fully embraced it as soon as those long summer days were gone. In either case, you now know it’s that time of the year.

Festive and depressive, cheerful and stressful, heart-warming and so bloody freezing (if you’re in the northern hemisphere, at least). We all see it in different ways, but we cannot avoid it…

Christmas is coming!

We, the KI Career Bloggers, have been intensely preparing for Christmas, and we are here to help you get through it.

In keeping with our Advent calendar tradition, we will have one post every day for the next 24 days. This year’s theme is “Shades of Christmas” (not 50, but 24).

We will explore the different shades of feelings this holiday season has to offer: happy, silly, gloomy, stressed or serious…. You name it.

But however you decide to live it, do your best to enjoy it.

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