#20: Academic witches & vampires

With end of a year comes balancing, what were the gains, losses, the highs and lows and what have I learned this year? Personally, this year felt like a roller-coaster ride. Typically, I enjoy adventures and adrenaline rush, but we all have our (adventure-ride) limits. And in 2017, I have been forced to find out where mine lies.

rollecoasterAnd once I was resting at home, (stomach) sick from the ride, the search for easily digestible (pun-intended) entertainment for my mind has begun. An adventure of its own. Maybe you have been there, but once you are sick and tired, it is hard to find something captivating that will not exhaust you more. So let me make this easier for you and give you a map for this undertaking.

The landmarks on the map include – history, biology, academic witches and vampires and of course some romance to go along with it all. Ready to proceed? Then you need to obtain the “All Souls” Trilogy book series written by Deborah Harkness. I do not want to spoil the trip into the fantasy lands for you, but the highlights include union of Darwin theories with alchemy, magical Oxford, time travel and informed historical details from medieval Europe. After-all, the tree part fantasy-series is written by an academic historian, who researched alchemy, magic and occult. Maybe it is the author’s first hand experience which makes the main character’s struggles to balance research, life and her own identity (while time-travelling) so easy to relate to. Or maybe it was my own similar roller-coaster ride.9675201825_cb5f6f9a89_b

Either way, the lesson of my year has been learning to say NO and hide out and rest when needed. I hope you already possess this magical super-power and will employ it during the holiday season. And if that is not magical enough for you, I encourage you to replicate my highlight adventure trip into Harkness’s fantasy novels. After-all, Christmas is time for magic!

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