Ikea or death metal?

Everybody knows (right?) that Sweden is Ikea-land. All self-respecting Swedes have at least half of house furniture from Ikea and visit in the Ikea store during the weekend is must-do entertainment.

I could spend long hours praising Ikea’s Lego/adult-puzzle style of assembling furniture or describing delightful cuisine based on such a fancy thing as köttbullar. But instead I wanted to share with you this short conspiracy theory created by Klaus Kjöller from the University of Copenhagen. When he analyzed names of Ikea’s equipment he concluded that all the beds, home furnishings, chairs and fancy staff is named after Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish towns, while less prestigious items, such as doormats or draught excluders are named after Danish towns. So in one word:

Ikea is bullying little brother Denmark!


Or well, it’s just another conspiracy theory… 🙂 While you’ll be figuring this out, I will lounge comfortably in my Nockeby sofa (yes, Swedish name!) and play this little game: Ikea or Death Metal? Let me know in the comments what score did you get 😉

Ikea or Death Metal?
Ikea or Death Metal?

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