A new voice

Hello, this is Sofia calling in from Huddinge campus and Life after the defense. I’m a new voice at this blog and I hope we’ll talk often. In my posts, I’ll talk to you about how life was as a PhD student, and how life is now, as an actual PhD. I’ll share my thoughts… Read More A new voice

Never too late to exercise – you don’t need to be an athlete 

As a PhD student researching in aging related disease – Parkinson’s disease, I kept questioning myself: should I devote all my passion and career into unpredictable research results or turn my path back to my original education in medicine by treating patients with different medical conditions? This is a tricky puzzle. To date, hundreds and… Read More Never too late to exercise – you don’t need to be an athlete 

Love hormone and Yoga

My research is on the effects of yoga (quite unusual research field). There is very little research on the hormonal effects of yoga (small studies shows increased GABA and decreased cortisol). This small indian study shows that oxytocin increased after yoga therapy Oxytocine also boosts muscle generation and assists in healing Higher oxytocin levels means… Read More Love hormone and Yoga