#15 All I want for Christmas… is that post-PhD first job

Guest Blog post by Gonçalo Brito PhD student, CMB Department (Goncalo.brito@ki.se) https://www.linkedin.com/in/goncalombrito/ It is not uncommon to hear friends telling me how much they miss those student years at university, when life was more about having fun and less about important decisions. While nobody can escape grown up life for too long, academia has this… Read More #15 All I want for Christmas… is that post-PhD first job

#14 The physics of snowflakes (yes there is a graph)

Snowflakes are special. Their immediately recogniseable shape evokes the smell of glögg, the taste of pepparkakor and the spirit of Christmas. But before the snowflake was popularised as a Christmas icon by Wilson ”Snowflake” Bentley, the delicate and intricate structures had captured the imagination of physicists who wanted to understand how they formed. They were… Read More #14 The physics of snowflakes (yes there is a graph)

#13 The science behind the Lusse-bun

So Lucia is here and sure, the candles lighting up the December darkness accompanied by the tunes of some or our most beloved, traditional Christmas carols is lovely. But let’s be honest, is not what really warms our souls the following feasting on “glögg”, “Lussebullar” and “pepparkakor”? The golden saffron buns most commonly known as… Read More #13 The science behind the Lusse-bun

#11 Creating Career Collaborations

Some philosophical reasoning from a lobby in a small hotel in the picturesque back streets of Place de la Republique in Paris, France. KI Career Service is living and breathing cooperation these days in December. We are visiting Institut Pasteur, Epicentre – Médecins Sans Frontières and presenting at ABG Conference on Researchers without borders #EU4PhD.… Read More #11 Creating Career Collaborations