“Moving Across – Where Art Meets Science”

It has been a week since we all gathered in a chilly but cosy Sunday evening at Stallet, here in Stockholm, for “Moving Across – Where Art meets Science”
“Moving Across”, an event organized by a group of creative researchers from Karolinska Institutet, brought to a general audience a synergistic connection between interesting biomedical research and its artistic and entertaining explanation by the “Improv” group Improphilia. Sounds fun, right?… Read More “Moving Across – Where Art Meets Science”

What is a postdoc? Finding answers amidst ambiguity – Part 1

It’s 8pm on Friday evening. You’re halfway through the experiment you had to restart because you forgot to add a crucial control sample in the first assay. You forgot to add the control in the first place because you’re extremely stressed. You’re stressed because you need to finalise a grant submission that you already worry isn’t good enough, aren’t receiving enough support with and aren’t sure if it will actually be enough to apply for an assistant professorship. You hear the last of your colleagues’ laughter as they disappear off to the bar and you’re left alone in the lab. A weekend at the bench and your computer looms ahead.… Read More What is a postdoc? Finding answers amidst ambiguity – Part 1