When I grow up, I’ll be a… science teacher

This is a follow-up article from a talk organised by the PhD Careers Beyond Academia Club, given by PhD-turned-science-teacher Sanja Ranica. I was in the audience and Federica Santoro interviewed Sanja after the talk. It isn’t hard to see how a researcher might want to go into teaching. A crucial part of research is communicating… Read More When I grow up, I’ll be a… science teacher

The teacher’s three places

Image credit: National Park Service / flickr In honour of International Teacher’s Day today, here is a short post about a pedagogical philosophy.  The Indonesian education pioneer Ki Hajar Dewantara once formulated his education philosophy in Javanese thus: Ing ngarsa sung tulada, Ing madya mangun karsa, Tut wuri handayani. Which roughly translates to: In front… Read More The teacher’s three places

Grattis pĂ„ födelsedagen, LinnĂ©

Image: The orangery in Linnaeus’ botanical garden in Uppsala. Photo by Yossa Dwi Hartono.  Happy birthday, Linnaeus. Imagine yourself back in Europe, exactly 310 years ago, in 1707. The Protestant Reformation has been going for 190 years. Leeuwenhoek first saw the microbes with his microscopes just a few decades ago. Isaac Newton is 64 years old.… Read More Grattis pĂ„ födelsedagen, LinnĂ©