When I grow up, I’ll be a… science teacher

This is a follow-up article from a talk organised by the PhD Careers Beyond Academia Club, given by PhD-turned-science-teacher Sanja Ranica. I was in the audience and Federica Santoro interviewed Sanja after the talk. It isn’t hard to see how a researcher might want to go into teaching. A crucial part of research is communicating… Read More When I grow up, I’ll be a… science teacher

The teacher’s three places

Image credit: National Park Service / flickr In honour of International Teacher’s Day today, here is a short post about a pedagogical philosophy.  The Indonesian education pioneer Ki Hajar Dewantara once formulated his education philosophy in Javanese thus: Ing ngarsa sung tulada, Ing madya mangun karsa, Tut wuri handayani. Which roughly translates to: In front… Read More The teacher’s three places