Tack för mig!

When I came to Sweden, I decided to learn some standard important words and expressions such as: varsågod, god morgon, ursäkta mig. A bit later I learned the importance of ‘fika’ and that the right pronunciation is essential. Namely, you have to make the ‘i’ very loooong. Otherwise, you actually say ‘ficka’ which means a… Read More Tack för mig!

Systemic flaws in biomedical research?

In March an interesting paper by 4 prominent scientists was published in PNAS (http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2014/04/09/1404402111.full.pdf+html). In this paper, they discuss the flaws in the system of biomedical research in the US. I believe, however, that the paper describes the struggles and frustration of scientist in Europe as well. I think that it is important for all… Read More Systemic flaws in biomedical research?

Is it sensible to write another popular science article?

We live in fascinating times. Our culture gives us overwhelming access to information. Some information is more reliable than other. One of the ways to make any piece of information sound more probable is to add words like ‘DNA’, ‘oscillation’ or ‘energy’ somewhere in the text. This combination of the features of the modern information… Read More Is it sensible to write another popular science article?