A Great & Bright effort – Covid19 Vaccine

A Bright Christmas #27

Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂

Despite this intense and concerning year, we should take a moment to reflect that due to a huge effort of scientists we are finally getting people around the world vaccinated against the SarsCov2 virus that has taken to this date 1.76 Million lives worldwide!

This terrific achievement, made in a record time manner, absolutely makes me smile…
To be completely available on the market, a vaccine takes in general 10 years from the beginning of the tests to the Clinical trials level III (the last) and pharmaceutical regulation and approval.
Today, was the first day my home country (Portugal) has started the vaccination. And I feel relieved, not only because we have an increasing senior population, but we are one of the European countries with more seniors above 100 years old!

I just hope we ALL understand what an amazing effort and achievement this was, to get a vaccine (and actually at the moment, 6 vaccines approved in EU) approved in less than a year! And this is the power of Science, when everyone works in the same direction.

To a brighter 2021, today, I have a bigger sense of Hope ❤


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