Zoomy seasons greetings from the KI Researchers blog team. Bring it on 2021!

Over the course of this year, we held bi-weekly drop in sessions where we either chatted about happenings, worked on our blogposts in 20 min blocks with ambient music or stretched some creative muscles for a fun speed-writing exercise. At times of such distress and transformation, this community feeling was a lifeline. Stable and supportive.
As it was the tradition since 2016, we prepared a blogpost for each day during December, inspired by the advent calendar. This jolly tradition and the teamwork that went into this each year filled me with a deep appreciation for the KI Blogger community, time and again. This year, such was the need for some brightness, we hoped that the 2020 Christmas calendar would be a light in the dark times. For the theme, we picked the highlights for a bright Christmas. And what joy it has been to see the creativity flowing into the posts each day.

Just as a small glimpse to our attempts to see the silver lining in 2020: Ayla shared secrets to how she kept her plants alive this year, Joanne mapped the virtual communication and networking landscape with such insightful tips, Natalie Oksana and Joanne shared insider tips for a dissertation under the shadow of COVID19 in this podcast. As we prepared for a different kind of holidays, Laura charted out ways to make the best of the virtual celebrations. And much more.

I really hope that this year’s Christmas calendar brought a beam of light to the otherwise historically dark December. Just as the season is associated with lights and rejuvenation. Engaging in the making of it made me feel gratitude for our incredible resilience in the face of adversity and creativity to adapt to new circumstances. Now we are better equipped to tackle whatever 2021 might throw at us.

No matter where and how you are spending these holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me, all the 2020 KI Researcher’s Christmas Calendar contributors and the entire blog team!

As I type these lines, fluffy snowflakes are falling to the ground in Stockholm.
Some brightness at last.  

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