Every little thing goes a long way

A Bright Christmas #16

This year, I was able to focus on my health, both mentally and physically. It all started with a little bit of crowdsourcing from my friends during my vacation on what 30-day challenge I can take on. It was from a couple of friends’ recommendations that I started my 30 days of yoga with Adriene: Find What Feels Good. I didn’t really feel any difference after my first week but since I was enjoying doing it, I decided to stick with it. It was on my third week when I started to realize that the half an hour that I have been dedicating for this endeavor was actually paying off. I was getting stronger and more mindful of my movements and breathing. I began to discern when days are good and when they are not. I started listening to my body, paying attention to how I feel at that moment with no pressure from the past nor from the future. I see now the wisdom of how every little thing done everyday can go a long way.

Eventually, I set another goal for myself – to run continuously for 30 minutes. Being a couch potato myself, the “Couch to 5K” app was a gentle introduction to running. It started out with alternating walking and running, slowly building up stamina and endurance. I remember how it was a struggle to run 5 minutes straight in the beginning but doing this program thrice a week for 8 weeks eventually led to running straight for 30 minutes. Again, every little thing goes a long way.

Now, I am using a cognitive behavioral therapy app called Noom to have a thoughtful approach on weight loss. Although it focuses on analyzing thoughts and behaviors contributing to weight gain, the fundamental idea of breaking unwanted habits and replacing them with healthier responses is applicable to aspects beyond weight management. It promotes self-awareness and self-monitoring.

So there you go. Every journey to a happy, glowing and healthy you is unique, so find what feels good to you. I am just paying it forward and sharing with you what worked for me. Hopefully, some of these programs and apps would be useful for you too 😊

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

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