Send a raven

A Bright Christmas #13

Screens and keyboards may have taken over, but they still have a long way to catch up with the sentiment of a handwritten card. At least for me. (: Today, technology took over all our communications. How many emails you send everyday? Texts? However, there is still a virtue in connecting the old-fashion way.

As an expat, I try to send occasional postcards to friends living in other parts of the world. Receiving a postcard with handwriting in the mailbox is entirely different than finding printed bills, envelopes, promo materials. This may even be a hand-written thank you card for your colleague. I believe this old-fashion way of connecting makes us feel the presence of each other more than a notification popping up on our phone screen. It is more personal and makes one feel more appreciated. Someone took the time and effort to sit down, write and post it. This authentic connection evokes a sense of belonging which could be the siege weapon to break through the isolation the pandemic brought upon us.

A free postcard from Postnord, illustration by Klas Fahlen.

This year, we may not be able to gather and cherish our bonds with friends and family, but remember that you can still send a little kindness with a raven. 🙂 Especially during the festive season.

And if you wish one to magically appear in your mailbox, drop me a line with your address and I will send some birds on the move towards you.

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