Spiegel im Spiegel – Infinite reflections

A Bright Christmas #12

What kind of music do you listen to these days?

I found out that during the pandemic I had two modes:
a) Dance break (swinging between cheesy pop hits to some jazz)
b) Instrumental music (preferably piano, if not, Vitamin String Quartet)

During one of my late-night thesis writing sessions, I discovered this simple but profound composition from and Estonian composer named Arvo Pärt. Ever since, it has been my soundtrack to the last bits of 2020.

The musical summary of 2020 (famous “wrapped”) lists compositional music for me, nearly all top songs were instrumental. When the algorithm suggested this song based on my track record, I immediately got goosebumps. Perhaps AI can get to know us better than anyone? I have doubts about that. Yet the question mark lingered as this incredible song washed over me ever so gently. Like water, or sea breeze. Like sunlight. 

Keeping the song on repeat, I immediately looked it up. So fittingly, the title means “mirror in mirror” in German and refers to the infinite images resulting from parallel mirrors. The song is somewhat old, famous in music circles and beyond, yet it fell in front of me only in 2020. The year of infinite reflections.

During the year that felt like a trailer for a nightmare with sharp turns and gloom, this piece offers a piece of solace to me. So translucent and otherworldly. 

Hope you enjoy it too!

(Featured photo by me, one of the otherworldly sunset spots around Brunnsviken)

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