Ice(-cream) and Fire, and probably ice(-cream) again -plus one or two bonus tips for your ice-cream choices

What is your idea of a cozy night-in during these dark December days while waiting for the warmth of the Christmas celebrations? For me it is a nice bowl of ice-cream and a good (but not too good, so I can doze off) Netflix series. Oh who am I kidding, I usually skip the bowl and go straight for the tub. Yes, even in winter. Ice-cream is my favourite food and I will fight (and win) anyone who obnoxiously claims  “ice-cream is not food” (trust me, many have tried, and perished, trying this quest) – but I digress. 

If you have even half of my love for ice-cream, you’ve been around the block with GB Glace, Häagen Dazs, Sia… maybe sometimes out of despair you have even ventured into the shady supermarket’s own brand?… I for one am of the opinion that when trying a new brand one should always try vanilla – now hear me out before you start arguing it is boring! It is very easy to make vanilla ice-cream; it is very hard to make good vanilla ice-cream. Good vanilla ice-cream is not boring. It is filled of soft intertwining and ever-changing notes, subtle and yet very noticeable. It is not aggressively “in your face” like chocolate ice-cream for example, no, it is soft and kind. But if you pay attention, you will find a palatable surprising range from first tasting it, to twirling it around in your mouth, to swallowing it. It is rich and tasty. And hard to make 🍨 . If one can make good vanilla ice-cream one can make good anything. But here I digress again. What is this about anyway? Well, just some rambling about ice-cream. So let us carry on.

There is one exception to the Vanilla ice-cream Litmus Test for an ice-cream brand: Ben & Jerry’s (but just because they don’t make “only vanilla” ice-cream). Have you ever noticed how Ben and Jerry’s is so chunky? Turns out there is a reason for that – Ben, one of the co-founders, has no sense of smell and very little sense of taste – so the chunks allowed him to appreciate the ice-cream a little bit more (and I can get behind any idea that makes anyone appreciate ice-cream a little bit more!). This recently came to my mind as I talked with a friend who has been infected with COVID (mild case, fully recovered, no need for concern!) but their sense of smell (and by proxy, taste) was completely gone for many months. And remembering this fact I suggested they can have the chunky ice-cream brand on their cozy nights-in to have some extra texture feeling at least. So if you find yourself in the same situation, here is a little tip for you 😊 if you are not, well then just stock up on any type of ice-cream that speaks to your heart (and maybe now you will even look at vanilla a little differently?). Ice-cream is, in my opinion, a basic need one always should have at home anyway. Happy chilling!

(here is a list of other fun facts in a slightly more organised way than this rant-post:

Banner picture by s-wloczyk2 from Pixabay 

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