Creative speed-writing!

Last week we had another blog workshop, and we got challenged with a creative writing exercise. As we have a tendency of writing too serious and feeling like it needs to be well researched (it comes with the profession), this blog likes to challenge us to write quick and free.

The task was the following: you get a random sentence, write for 3 minutes, get a second sentence, continue your story for 3 minutes, get a third sentence, and finish the story in the final 3 minutes. So, 3 random sentences and 9 minutes later, we all ended up with different concoctions! (I’m sure there’s a lessen in there somewhere…)

Here are three examples. Enjoy 🙂

There I was just standing there, when what I wanted to do was forbidden. Never have I imagined they would bar you from travelling to Maui Islands in a grapefruit suit. How in the world you got in this, you may think. I am glad you asked. For that, my friend, I need to tell you the story of a woman who got her facebones shattered by a skunk. My sister. 
She was standing behind the corner giving him this root beer float kind of smile. What she didn’t know was that, the skunk was from Keona, a planet where this was a face-off challenge. Within a blink of an eye, the chandelier on the ceiling was on her head, I mean, what a sparkly view, tragic but sparkly, I tell you. Merely a day after, all the skunks in the hood were after us. They would jump out of nowhere, into your soup bowl, wardrobe, or roam in ventilation. 
On the following Friday we packed our bags and planned our escape. Before leaving the building, the only thing that didn’t smell skunk was this grapefruit suit. That is how I ended up trying to travel to Maui Islands in a grapefruit suit. 
– Yildiz

There I was, just standing there, when what I wanted to do was forbidden. I really wanted to go out, but I couldn’t . I did not have a dog, no emergency to go to the pharmacy and my groceries were still full. In a regular day I would be more than glad to stay home and watch a great movie, or maybe 2, or actually just binge watching on Netflix,… But today, I want to go out, I wanted to go dance and get a breeze of fresh air, I just wanted to appreciate the simple things that we so often take for granted. 
She was standing behind the corner, giving him this root beer float kind of smile. My neighbor right? how lucky for her to have that beautiful chihuahua, and be able to enjoy these tiny things I so desperately wanted… but wait? Root beer? Why is she giving that to her cute dog, does she miss sharing it with someone else? I could think of a much better use for that root beer, and that poor dog as well, I can imagine… On these thoughts, I am wondering how can we easily adapt and find other sorts of companions, entertain ourselves? 
On the following Friday, we packed our bags and planned our escape… Yes, I was determined to simply get out, so I took my plants, my paintings, and my yoga mat, put all in the car and went as far as I could. Reached this gorgeous Forest in the middle of nowhere, appreciating how nature is so kind to us. Look at all that surround us, from beautiful trees to crystal clear running rivers. The wind was blowing, the music was playing, and enjoying being outside, in nature, was now all I ever wanted 😉 
– Ana

There I was, just standing there, when what I wanted to do was forbidden. I mean, I kind of knew this already, but it still struck me somehow. And it made me think: “What is this thing with me and following rules?” Because probably nothing bad would happen, after all it was just a “Keep off the grass sign”. How did this stir up such a big internal dialogue? And what did it mean for the rest of my life? What if it was something more important than just the possibility to cut through this illogical part of the part that was not connected with a path? 
She was standing behind the corner, giving him this root beer float kind of smile. She hadn’t cared about this piece of park with its sign to keep off the grass, she was too busy making sure she would disappear behind the corner just long enough to be able to make him hurry and wonder where she’d gone. She probably didn’t even see the sign. 
On the following Friday, we packed our bags and planned our escape. By that time I had found a different way through the park, so we would be quick, but not need to pass the sign that would just elevate the feeling that was I was doing was wrong. Even though, it probably wasn’t. “I’ll work on that feeling when we arrive”, I thought and left it at that. 
– Ayla

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