Per risks ad opportunities

As a part of a new traditional blog post for KI, I was supposed to spend December 9th  as an attendant of the Nobel Week Dialogue. The topic this year was incredibly interesting: ”Into the unknown: uncertainty, risk, and opportunity”.

To attend the meeting, I woke up at 4 o’clock in the morning, did my routine morning exercises, got dressed and went to the central station. At 6.06 I left Stockholm, heading towards Gothenburg. I planned to be there at 9.25, exactly 35 minutes before the event in Svenska Mässan. However, at about 7.30, our train stopped in the middle of nowhere and we got information from the railroad engineer, that there is an accident on the railway and our train will be late. “How late?” – I was reading the same question on the faces of the other passengers. The nice voice of the railroad engineer continued: “The estimated time of arrival to Gothenburg is around 13.25”. To be honest, at first, I got very disappointed. Further, the travelers got two options: to continue the trip to Gothenburg or to return to Stockholm. After a quick analysis of possibilities, risks, and potential profits, I took my backpack and my coat and joined a caravan of people on the platform that also decided to go back to Stockholm.

As I said, one of the reasons I wanted to attend the Dialogue was my traditional KI Career blog post. Well, let’s say, I now started covering the topic not even joining the event. Life is life. Our plans can be disrupted by a huge number of factors, which we are unable to control. However, what we can do is control our attitude toward the situation. Therefore, after a short period of disappointment, I decided to go to the lab and continue my work. The results of the experiments later turned out to be very successful and important for my article.

Moreover, put the recording from the main hall online, so I (and you!) can still listen to some of the panel talks and discussions. Therefore, after watching the recording I put several new notes on my to-do-list:

  • Watch “Free solo” movie about the climbing adventure of Alex Honnold and learning about his ways of coping with risks and uncertainties
  • Check The Conversation website, a source of “independent, high quality, authenticated” information from the scientists edited by professional journalists.
  • Find out more information about the work of Cai Guo-Qiang, who attended Nobel Week Dialogue and told how the creation of art can be risky, but with a beautiful outcome.

In our Christmas Calendar this year, we are trying to cover all aspects of food. May I tell you, that mindfulness is food for my soul and spirit? Being a proactive person, I aim to change things that I can change and take responsibility for consequences. Nevertheless, in a situation that I cannot control, I evaluate the newly appeared options and change the direction of my route. Sometimes, it has to be literally the opposite direction – just to get the best results.


So, here is my solution to uncertainty and risk: take action! Even if the action is to keep calm and observe =) I wish everyone in the new year to have the courage to face risks and grow!


Photo: The cover photo was taken by me in the Austrian Alps, where I went for a hiking trip during a conference. The second picture was taken in London two years ago. Very meaningful, don’t you agree? =)

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