My Xmass Present =Twitter!

(Mood: Grateful)

Social media – oh, how often we talk about them! They suck our lives, drive us away from reality, and allow for never ending comparisons underminding our self-confidence. We discuss how much screentime is OK, using our phones to do that. However this November, I was highly grateful for Twitter.

November in Sweden is hard – it’s gray, rainy, and dark. And it just keeps getting darker every day. Yet, it is not Christmas and the workload is high. I always struggle during this time of the year. This year, with my defence lurking, my workload was higher than ever. My TO-DO list was terrifying me with its: finish writing two papers, edit one, write application for public defense, apply for a postdoc position (=write a research proposal, edit CV etc…), plus all the normal life things, including a Swedish class.

Morning Card Nature Mist Sweden Mirror Image

But somewhere in the darkness there was a light – a star in form of Bailey DeBarmore, whom I have never met. November in USA is the National Novel Writing Month – a challenge to write a novel in one month. I am not sure if Bailey was inspired by this, but she organized #EpiWritingChallenge – a month challenge in writing for epidemiologists.

The challenge was yours – you could set your own goals. Bailey provided daily tips and through her a worldwide community was created on Twitter. The tips included – goal setting, preparing, structuring arguments, serie on crystal clear writing and others as you can see on the picture. Every day you could learn something new, share your experiences and get support.


It was absolute life-saver in the busy month and I am grateful for the EpiTwitter challenge. I am not sure, I would have managed my TO-DO list as without it. Nevertheless, my applications are turned in, one article is under review and one got called a “lovely Christmas present” from a senior co-author today. So today, my present to you is sharing what Bailey created! If like me you need to write during the Chrismas season (or even if not)  – check out the EpiTwitterChallenge website. Happy writing and sucessful 2019!


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