A very Aussie Christmas

(Mood: Mind-boggled)

We might not always (or hardly ever) get it, but my idea of Christmas is intertwined with snow, hot chocolate, a fireplace, long dark evenings (somehow I see this as a positive thing when it comes to Christmas), warm sweaters (possibly with a Christmas pattern) and other cozy things. Great was my surprise two years ago, the first Christmas I spent in Australia, where, yes, you guessed it, Christmas falls on the height of summer, not in winter!

So picture this now: Christmas lunch with the family. It’s over 30°C, we’re sitting on the terrace outside, in the shade because it’s too hot in the sun, everyone is wearing summer clothes and we’ll soon take a dip in the pool. Yes, in the pool. On Christmas. And still somehow there is a Christmas tree, there might even be fake snow sprayed on the windows!

If you are from the southern hemisphere, or at least from around the equator, this will not surprise you, but for a person who’s always lived in the northern part of Europe, this was a big thing! Just hearing some add on the radio say “… the perfect Christmas gift for this summer!” blew my mind.

Luckily, I found a way to combine Australian summer with my feel of Christmas, and protect me against the elements. Not by a traditional ugly Christmas sweater, oh no, but by an ugly Christmas rashie. A what? A rashie, a long sleeved UV-protecting shirt made from swimsuit material that you can use for surfing or… just being a genetically challenged way too pale person in the Australian sun. And thus, protected by my kangaroo-in-Christmas themed sleeves, I braved the pool on Christmas!

So wherever you are, and however you celebrate, hot or cold, fake or real snow… May you enjoy a good get-together in your own way!


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