What about your future?

KIlogga_DSC_0229_SIR_L_Web.jpg(Mood: Uncertain)

Feeling uncertain about the future? How you are feeling as the holidays in Sweden approach probably depends on where you are in your studies. Those of you who have just started your programme here at KI may be filled with excitement and enthusiasm. Those of you who are about to complete your final term may be…well…feeling a bit uncertain about what is around the next corner. Remember, you’re not alone – many students before you have felt the strain of trying to decide the next step after graduation. KI is proud to have so many alumni making a difference in health care, medicine and research around the world.  The KI Alumni Office offers many ways to help you decide:

A – Adapt – Maybe you are sure of what you want to achieve in the future. Don’t be afraid to try something else in your career path on the way to achieving your goals. Use our network! Many of our alumni work in healthcare services, business development, research and education.

L – LinkedIn – check out the “Alumni” tab on the KI University LinkedIn-page, and of course, make sure you create a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already.

U – Utilize your connections – talk to your neighbors, friends, relatives, training partners – you never know who you might know who has tip for attaining your future job.

M – Mentor – find an alumn from your program who has an interesting career path, reach out, and ask your questions!

N – Network– attend as many KI events as possible, and develop your personal brand. For example, more than 10.000 of our KI alumni live in Stockholm and 1,687 of our alumni on LinkedIn are working at Karolinska University Hospital.

I – Inspire – If your programme doesn’t have their own Alumni Network, you can be the first to make that happen! Get started. Get inspired. Contact us at alumni@ki.se today.

KI’s Alumni Office is here to help you achieve your goals. Join here!

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