Science is in the air!

No matter what your relation to science is, be it “I think research, dream experiments and breathe hypotheses” or “I do appreciate my phone and not dying from a common cold”, this is something for you!

On the 14th of April, yes indeed, this very Saturday, there will be another March for Science!
*crowds cheer, confetti colors the sky and trumpets go wild*

Only lukewarm for the idea of marching for any cause at all? I get you. If you happen to have read my post on last year’s march, you might have seen I was a lot more skeptical about “marching” then. I don’t see myself as a militant activist who takes to the streets, so I wondered if marching, even for science, would be my cup of tea. Well, you can rest assured, from what I witnessed in Stockholm the whole thing was very respectable, with a positive and enthusiastic feel, attended by young and old.

The Stockholm edition will start at 2pm at Norrmalmstorg, more (and the same) info on Facebook and the Swedish march for science website! Not in Stockholm? Check if your city has organized an official march. Don’t forget to sign up and proof you’ll be there (virtual attendance counts too)!

Specifically care about more science in the Swedish elections this fall? It’s your lucky day! Check out the campaign that makes people ask “How do you know that?” also known as #hurvetdudet.

So get your favorite science t-shirt on and join me and countless (well… that’s not very scientific, is it?) others to show that evidence based decisions are what we’re looking for!


Picture: March for Science 2017 in Washington D.C., provided by Molly Adams
Originally posted here, retrieved under creative commons license here.


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