#10 ‘Good things come to those who wait’ – a germ of 2017


What is your favourite TV show in 2017? Have you already seen new series such as ‘13 Reasons Why’ or ‘Handmaid’s Tale’? Were you counting days until the release of next season of ‘House of Cards’, ‘Games of Thrones’ or ‘Stranger Things’? Or maybe you had to wait many years for a next season of an old time classic, such as ‘Twin Peaks’?

I was also waiting. I was waiting many years for a continuation of my favourite TV show. To be precise, I was waiting 16 years for a season 2. However, it was definitely worth it. The show is truly exceeding my wildest expectations. I guess that even my neighbours can hear me through the thin walls when I shout out ‘wow’, ‘say what’ or ‘are you kidding me’ every time something mesmerising happens on my TV screen.

Every minute of each episode is truly amazing, astonishing, beautiful, surprising, striking, scary and hair-raising. Are you hooked? Do you know what I am talking about? If not, I will try to give some clues.

In this TV show you can see:

  • The most impressive surfing skills
  • A female transforming into a male
  • A guide how to open a calm without hands
  • A male pretending to be a female to pick up a ‘girl’
  • A struggle to survive on a block of ice
  • Boiling sea
  • A fight to the death
  • Deadly brine

Actually you can see all possible kind of drama, love, fun, sex, tragedy, killing and revenge. Have I mentioned that everything is made in HD, narrated by the most beautiful voice in the history of humankind, accompanied by a mind-blowing soundtrack?

Sounds like a dream TV show?

It is, indeed.

I highly recommend watching ‘Blue Planet II’ and I am sure you will quickly become as big of a fan as I am.


Pictures: http://www.bbc.co.uk

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