#7 The Headstands Loft

I have always loved a good treasure hunt. The rush of finding a clue, hidden spot and surprise and satisfaction at the end. Maybe it is because of my years in scouts or the time spent in boarding school where treasure hunts were a beloved tradition.


And during my first days at Karolinska Institutet Solna Campus I was constantly reliving that tradition. For example, heading for my first interview on campus, I thought address should be a sufficient clue. As I was wobbly running on high heels I doubted not only my fit for the job but my overall intelligence when I was struggling to locate the correct building. But then I remembered my clue! The office was located on a ninth floor. Looking around, I found the tall buildings on campus, and with my new clue I did find the correct place. Apparently, even my other skills were sufficient as that treasure hunt ultimately led me to my PhD position.


Now, after four years at the campus, I often feel I know the campus like the back of my hand. Though constant construction keeps on testing me. Recently, life decided to test me some more with an injury and need for regular physical therapy. Not being able to go far and trying to save money, I set on a new treasure hunt – finding a space for my simple exercises. One Monday morning, after struggling up a spiral staircase with crutches, I have found my new hidden spot. It was Loftet – a little gym for the KI employees. I felt silly and sad, standing at a compulsory introduction to a gym supporting my weight on crutches. But the Health Promotion staff are passionate about their work. They have welcomed me in, and stayed longer to share their experiences with knee injury and tips on what I could do.

Before I could take up the advice, life gave me another hunt – reactivation of seemingly functional access card that sent me hopping on crutches all over the campus again. However, ever since I sorted all the practicalities, I have been hidden away in Loftet few times a week. Finding a space on campus to do my physical therapy or to goof around a bit made me feel better and has definitely been a highlight of the year. I encourage you to check out the little attics-like space, or the other opportunities the Health Promotion Center offers. I am sure that if you are lost, they will help you. And it might be good to mix in some exercise with  the Christmas candy eating. Maybe like me, you will use the Loftet to do some headstands, to get a change of perspective and wave this year a goodbye with your feet.

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