#4 KICS goes digital

Did you know about all the services you have access to, in your computer…and just when you really need them? Our digital highlights of the year open up for more students and researchers to get access to career service online.

Cruited – reviews online
This spring we initiated a collaboration with Cruited a company specializing in online support reviewing CV and cover letters, as well as LinkedIn profiles. TODAY on December 4 for the 4th time this year we are launching a campaign with a limited number of online reviews for KI students and researchers. All three previous campaigns have been very popular and individualized feedback is highly appreciated. If you are about to apply for a job or internship and want to be in on the offer – all you need is a KI-email address to register and apply, first come first served…

KI Play and Youtube for “on demand”
We invite great lecturers several times every year, and sometimes it is difficult for you to attend. Thanks to KI Play we can now offer you our own channel with shorter “teaser” seminars by Sarah Blackford, Angelika Hofmann and Tina Persson. Filming events is also a way to make events more available since many students and PhD students have experiments, practical placements or lectures that coincide with our activities. Some of our events on job interviews, career portraits and how to become a PhD student are available on our Playlist on KIs official Youtube channel.

In collaboration with NovoNordisk we have had the opportunity to offer two live webinars with their recruiters on CV and job hunting. Webinars are great for interaction and availability. Together with networking expert Mary Rose Hoja we also offered webinars on LinkedIn and Interview training this autumn. We hope to develop this service further in our own studio next year!

KI Collaboration portal – apply online for internships
In October we made an important step toward simplifying the application process in our internship programmes, by piloting the KI Collaboration Portal. The system makes it is easier for applicants to review their applications and for companies to select their candidates for the internship programmes for PhD students and  postdocs and early career researchers. Ready to use in February for our next round of internships.

Going global or staying local
The world wide web is vast! So how can we help you navigate and offer you a platform catered for your needs? Mobility is great for your career but you need to know how to look for jobs, and where. This fall we launched the career platform GoinGlobal to all students, PhD students and postdocs with a ki-id. At the platform (hidden behind login) you can search for jobs and internships, get access to more than 40 country career guides, browse a global company directory and get data on which companies in the US that have hired foreign work force (H1B-visas) and hence might be easier to approach if you are looking for a career in the US. Of course you can also find a career guide for Sweden, helpful if you are a foreign student or researcher looking for opportunities to stay after your time at Karolinska Institutet.

(Picture from pixabay.com)

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