#1 Highlights of the Year

Research and career
It has been a busy year
Conferences, experiments and meetings
Now it is time for season greetings
And time to share
Our Highlights of the year

We will cover art and witches
Working out with stiches
Nobel celebrations and talks
Marathon and Paris walks
Laughter and maybe a tear
in our Highlights of the year

Digital tools and Cv-support
Is as necessary as time for sport
Trying out an internship
networking with alumni (just a career tip)
Former bloggers proceeding in their career
like defending, a definite Highlight of the year

How to speak and how to lead
What books to set time aside to read
Promises for the coming year
Lots more, I swear…
It is your future your career
In our Highlights of the year

A little x-mas rhyme to kick off this year’s science calendar and to give you a hint on the coming posts where our bloggers, guest bloggers and KI career staff are looking forward to share personal and professional experiences and happenings from the past year as you peel open a new box every day.

Stay with us from 1-24…

(Picture from pixabay.com)

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