Meet New Blogger: Dagmara Kaczynska on daily rituals and habits of scientists

Hello everyone! My name is Dagmara and I am a PhD at Karolinska Institutet. I graduated from molecular biology at the University of Gdansk in Poland. I love travelling so I couldn’t stay still during my undergrad and I did a part of my studies in Glasgow and Paris. As I found it difficult to talk about myself I thought it would be fun to ask my friends how they would write this introduction if they were me. I have to say it is truly fascinating and scary how well my friends know me! So here I introduce myself through my friends eyes:

1. Wear swimming googles 2. Chop onions 3. Make pad thai

O: Hi, I’m Dagmara. I’m 27 and I’m a scientist. But don’t worry, not a crazy one. And while brains fascinate me, I promise it has nothing to do with Frankenstein-type experiments. When I’m not in a lab I do all sorts of things: I travel, I meet new people, I learn new languages (currently I’m struggling with Swedish). I’m also passionate about cooking and exploring new flavours. I enjoy cooking for my loved ones although sometimes it can be a challenge (have you ever tried to cook pad thai for 6 people? I’m telling you… chopping a kilogram of onions is not fun).

D: Dagmara has a six sense and knows what I am thinking without me saying it.

H: Dagmara is always funny, both the smart and the silly type. She’s determined and invests time and thinking on both self-growth and her career. She doesn’t take life for granted. She’s a good listener, can also open up and be vulnerable with friends, and her advice comes often from self-experience blended with vast reading.

D: Dagmara is a task-oriented person. She is extremely organised and when she sets a goal she will achieve it. She is a hard-working person and she always tries to learn from others. She likes good movies, music and food.

IMG_4047H and A: Dagmara is a swimming, running, tabata, gym and snowboard lover.

So I guess that’s me, nothing more nothing less.

Actually, the only thing I would like to add is that I would like to write on KI career blog about daily rituals and habits of scientists. I hope to get some insights how to become a successful scientist.


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