New Blogger: Ayla De Paepe on Popular Science and Science in Popular Culture

Hi there!
I’m Ayla, a recent addition to the blog team, and this post is a short intro to, well, me.

The science
I’m a Belgium borne Bio-Science engineer and moved to Stockholm after my master. Upon arrival I spend some mental effort learning Swedish and started my PhD in Robert Månsson’s group at Karolinska Institutet in 2014. My projects revolve around B-cells, the type of immune cell that make vaccinations work. Though they pursue biological knowledge, my tasks are all of the bioinformatics and data handling type.

The person
On the informal lunch included in my PhD interview, the lab manager concluded: “So, you’re both a biology and a computer nerd?”, which I proudly confirmed, although probably neither of these subgroups would really accept me as one of them. I find myself to like a bit of all sorts of sciences, which resulted in a fascination for popular science. Blogs, books, videos, songs,… There are so many ways to bring research to scientists and non-scientists alike. How about an evening roaming the cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson? Make sure to wear your favorite science-inspired T-shirt.

The blog
I’d like to give you a glance of popular science and science in popular culture. What’s the difference? The use? The possible harm? The view of the public? Of academia? What’s KI doing with it?

Pictures taken at Naturhistoriska riksmuseet in Stockholm

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