Science is for everyone. Why I will march for science

The global “March for Science” is happening very soon. This will be a worldwide event where everybody is invited to show their support for science and the crucial role it plays in our lives. I have never participated in marches or being an “activist” of any sort. However, I think this time is vital that we all get together and march for science.

When entering the website of the March for Science, it was amazing to see the world map showing the various countries that are participating. It made me very happy and enthusiastic. Still, I didn’t find Peru, my other country, in the map. I was forced to scroll down the list of participating countries to double-check. I was very sad to notice that there is nothing being organised there and this gave me the little push that I needed. At that moment I decided that I will join the march.

I will march for science because science is in everyone’s best interest. I believe that every child has the right to a science-based education. I believe that every human being deserves evidence-based health care and that societies should aim for science-based policies. Several of our current problems worldwide rely heavily on science to be solved, from the cure of terminal diseases to tackling the effects of climate change. Science is not only the concern of scientists. Science is everyone’s concern.

I often hear researchers saying that science is a work done mostly alone, that we get to team-work very seldom and that socialising with other scientists is something that mostly happens in conferences. So, I was thinking, what a great opportunity to meet other scientists and science supporters all getting together for a common cause. What a great opportunity to represent my country and all the other countries that are not represented.

These are the reasons why I will march for science and I invite you to join us because science is for everyone.

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