To march or not to march

It was a regular evening commute. I was watching new videos on YouTube and browsing social media, when suddenly I got in a bit of an identity crisis. One of my fellow PhD students had sent me an invitation to join the March For Science on the 22nd of April in Stockholm.

She knows I am enthusiastic about bringing scientific knowledge out of academia and into real life, so to her it was only natural that I would be thrilled about this. Why then was I panicking about the idea of showing my love for science to the whole world in this march? Well, love for science? No problem. The whole world? Bring it on. But a march? Isn’t that for angry people? I don’t consider myself an activist, is this really for me?

There wasn’t too much info on the event’s page yet, so I googled around. I was afraid for what I would find. Would people be shouting all over the internet how people who are not scientists are stupid? Or how scientist are egocentric elites? How people who will march are haters? Or people who don’t are push-overs? The internet can be a wondrous but scary place. I landed on the official website of the worldwide initiative and I must say, they did a great job in calming my nerves. The tone of the event seems, at least when it comes to the organizers, very inclusive and positive. This is something I’d happily support. I want to say “Look, there’s science here and we love it!” without adding anything like “… and you better love it too, or else…”.

One can wonder what the impact of an event like this really is. Will it change anything? Will it attract people who aren’t already scientists? Will it bring science, not only in the news, but also a bit more into the hearts and minds of people? Who knows. But I’ve noticed that this event has resulted in a flood of science related T-shirts on the internet. In some way, the march has already helped to link science to pop culture and daily life.

So, I will march, because science is awesome!


More info:
Official global website and registration:

Details on march in Stockholm:
Photo march world map:

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