Jolly Science X-mass and 2017!

One AM on Christmas day and instead of doozing off I am still sitting by a computer, editting this last post in the KI Researcher’s Advent Calendar. In between copying and pasting, I swear at myself. What a typical overachiever, overly ambitious and perfectionist (in other words, what a PhD student!) I am!

But the monotony of downloading and cropping images also brings an introspective moment. What an advent this has been! Every day I did some exercise connected to the date, as the KI Career team proposed. Every day, I got a text from a friend* who also took part in this challenge. And every day our team prepared one post for you, which I am now so tediously trying to summarize in my first ever GIF!


Life has its cycles and the Researcher’s Advent Calender one is a sleep deprivation. It has been born from a sleep deprived idea of mine, and now it cuts my bedtime again. And the idea of running my planned 2×24 minutes in few hours makes me even more exhausted**.

img_7810However, looking at images from every post, I feel deep appreciation for the amount of team work that went into this. At Christmas time, as Yildiz wrote, we should come together and the KI bloggers team indeed did this. I hope our advent calendar was a present for some of our readers. It definitely was one for me! Present of being present and re-creating what Christmas and advent can be. Engaging in this made me experience advent to the fullest – with connecting to friends, giving (blood) and reflecting frequently. So my (scientific) conclusion after a 24 days of research is that giving, gives you back – my first present was a simple text message – the blood you gave has now been of use of a patient. I feel like my Christmas was trully 24 days long!

Seeing the number of ideas and creativity in these posts makes me excited for 2017 and more science communication! I hope that is the same for you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me, all the authors of the KI Researcher’s Advent Calendar 2016 and the entire KI blog team!

*Thank you Kevin! and now at 10AM, the exercise is complete, and summarized below. Maybe you will get an inspiration for the New Year resolution time. The flexibility of this is amazing and doing plank position on a subway stop at 11:40 PM is entertaining to your friends and those passing by.


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