Singing science

Christmas time is singing time. Lucia, christmas carols, choirs or cheezy tunes in the shops – you’ll know it’s christmas by the sound.

Here is something a little bit different. Especially for all you friends of science out there. A podcast episode with the singing physicist Tim Blais, the one-man band and YouTuber behind A Capella Science . He sings a capella about the science (hence the name), mainly about physics since that his own area of expertise. But he has also done a clip on the gene editing technology Crispr/Cas9  and most recently about the physics of weightlifting. You should check out his YouTube channel (warning for procrastination).

But first of all, check out this episode from the podcast RadioScience  where we have interviewed Tim Blais. We get to know more about him and his project, why a capella singing is cool and most important of all, how and why one should combine science and art.

So enjoy some musical science and career advise from a singing physicist!

(Both A Capella Science and RadioScience can be found on social media: @acapellascience and @poddradioscience)


Guestblogger Natalie von der Lehr is a freelance science writer, podcast producer and coach for the KI-blog team.

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