Christmas-Science-Jumper love

After the 17th failed experiment in a row, sometimes it takes particular conscious effort on my part to remind myself that I do love science, even if the object of my affection seems colder and less reciprocating than the harsh Nordic winter winds. On “PhD-crawling-through” periods such as these there are some things I try to remember in which to summon some happiness;

A) it’s neaarrlly Christmas holidaaaaays, which means I get to go home and spend time with my awesome family in Ireland, when memories of cells and western blot tanks will be blurred by open fires, mulled wine, and family love.

And B) a year round tip, but also aptly useful at this time of year, wearing a great outlandish jumper always lightens my mood. It’s hard to be grumpy with a Disney character on your belly.

ALAS *giddy dance* you can imagine my joy at this, my new favourite thing;



I shall be wearing it ’till maybe March.

Happy Holidays everyone!

(Special thanks to my sister who bought me the jumper, she knows me well)

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