The Light to the Darkeness

In my yesterday post, I was more serious than planned. But Christmas is also time of joy and fun. Contrasts again, like Lucia celebrating light in the midst of darkness. Today, my PhD life was simplified from reflecting on big questions and reduced to being attacked by a Great Grey Owl in Skansen, where the Aging Research Center’s annual Julbord took place.


After a food coma, since I did not manage to follow Yossa’s Julbord directives and limit my calorie intake, I decided to share a video of the Lucia celebration that took place yesterday at the Widerströmska house allowing pre-Christmas networking for public health scientists.

There are days for reflection and then days for relaxation. So to further lighten the mood and joy, here are some medical science Christmas jokes for you that I have enjoyed and hope you will too! If you know some good nerdy X-mass jokes, share them with us!


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