Nerdy Christmas presents that scientists will love


No idea about what to get for that special scientist this Christmas? Don’t worry. I have put together a list of the geekiest presents that will make any science-lover very happy. Whatever their taste and whatever your budget, there is something for everyone. All these products are easy to find with a quick internet search.

  1. Brain specimen coasters

Neuroscientists will love these transparent glass coasters. Each coaster has a printed slice of a brain. When piling the coasters in the right order (they come enumerated) you will see a complete human brain in 3D.

  1. App controlled bartending system

An excellent present for scientists obsessed with exact measurements and who like their drinks made to perfection. This is an electronic bartending system. All you have to do is to put a glass on the smart scale, which will connect with the accompanying app in your mobile phone. You choose a drink and you get the exact measurements for every ingredient. A sure hit for chemists!

  1. Science necklaces and earrings

There is a handful of artists that create beautiful and original jewelry, ideal for scientists. You will find gorgeous necklaces and earrings in the shapes of anatomical hearts with blood vessels, brains, DNA double helices, neurons, caffeine molecules, etc. All are plated in 24K gold.

  1. Astro Planetarium Multimedia

Do you want to see the night sky with your scientific lover without leaving the room? There are state-of-the-art planetariums, which project the stars on your ceiling with real-time accuracy and movement. You can choose between the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. If you want to nerdify this present even more, you can also buy a stargazing guide.

  1. Stress reliever desktop punching bag

This is a long overdue gadget ideal for PhD students and Post-docs. These desktop punching bags promise to withstand any amount of frustration.

These are some suggestions. Another place to find really nice presents for scientists are museums such as natural history or science museums. Personally, I’ve asked Santa to bring me the DNA double helices earrings. I wish you a Merry and Nerdy Christmas!

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